Services Offered At Chandling International
Chandling International has a massive warehousing capacity for its stores, carrying more than 5,000 different types of items catering for all circumstances and demands, whether it be American cigarettes, tools or fine Cognac. Services are offered by a dedicated and experienced staff of 100, every day of the year, with particular attention being given to ensuring that equal facilities are available over weekends and holidays, when access to other service providers is frequently limited.
Marine & Shipping services available at Chandling International

Our service comes with the reliability of our transport department, with a fleet of refrigerated and non-refrigerated closed trucks together with large open flat-bed trucks and lesser capacity vehicles for smaller deliveries. You can rest assured your orders will be delivered on time.

We also have an efficient in-house clearing and forwarding division, customs clearing of all goods / spare parts received as well as spares / goods dispatched to foreign destinations at minimum costs. We also supply vessels and oil rigs off port limits by using either a helicopter or launch boat.

Our Sales Representatives are fluent in a great many languages including: English, German, Norwegian, Chinese, Greek, Russian, Japanese, Bulgarian and Hindi – a definite asset to all our clients.

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